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Wonderlic Personnel Test

Sometimes a little extra drill on basic concepts can help solidify your study experience. That’s what our FREE flashcards for the Wonderlic® test are for. Hone those skills so you can work through Wonderlic® test questions quickly and answer more of them for a better score—and the job you want and deserve!

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Table of Contents

Sections of the Wonderlic Personnel Test

Facts and Figures

The questions in this section of the Wonderlic® test require you to quickly recall basic information and make almost instant judgments about printed data. These flashcards were designed to give you some extra practice in these things. If you find them difficult, please devote additional time and practice before taking the actual test.

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When addressing problems on the Wonderlic Personnel Test™, your thinking and calculating will need to be extremely quick. These flashcards are not actual practice problems, but rather provide drill on some of the terminology, procedures, and quick tricks that can speed up your work.

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The Verbal or English Knowledge questions on the Wonderlic Personnel Test™ require you to really understand subtle shades of word meaning and determine the relationship between words. Using these flashcards will help you review some widely used words, and their relationships, in preparation for verbal questions on the test.

For best practice, try to answer these as quickly as possible. If you have trouble with accuracy, answer them multiple times and seek additional practice for speed.

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