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Free Study Guides for the STAAR® test

It’s really hard to remember all the concepts you’ve studied during a school year or even a semester course. Use our FREE Study Guides for the STAAR® test to review all that stuff. Jog your memory, then try our free practice questions and flashcards to check for understanding. And go get that test!

High School Algebra I

While the Algebra I course covers an enormous amount of information, you do not have an enormous amount of time to prepare for it. Relax! You shouldn’t need that much time. You’ve taken the course and now all you need to do is refresh your memory about the skills you’ve learned. This study guide can help you do that!

High School Biology

This study guide outlines the topics and concepts covered in the STAAR test given after the high school Biology I course in the state of Texas. You review what was taught during your class and check out how much you remember by using our practice test and flashcards for “High School Biology I” before you take the actual test.

High School English I: Composition

The STAAR® English I test includes one question that requires you to compose an essay. You will be given a prompt and your essay will be scored according to a list of features. We’ll discuss all of this in this study guide so you will be well-prepared to write on test day.

High School English II: Composition

The best practice for any composition test is actually writing and there are not many terms to learn. It is good, however, to know the basic process that will produce good writing. This study guide goes over all of the steps and things of which you need to be aware before taking the test.

High School English II: Reading

We know you’ve taken the English II course, but that’s a lot to remember! Go through this study guide to refresh those memories and be prepared for the STAAR®English II test. You have also probably had experience with a similar test at the end of your English I course, but the English II STAAR® test, just like the course, is based on additional content and we cover that in this study guide. This is another one of the five tests you’ll need to pass to get your high school diploma in the state of Texas.

High School English II: Writing

While the writing questions on the STAAR® English II test rely somewhat on the content you learned in English I, there is also new content that was introduced in English II. This study guide will cover that, but you should also review our English I study guide to jog your memory of those previously-learned skills. After all, it’s probably been a while since you took that test.

High School English I: Reading

English I in high school covers a lot of ground, entailing mastery of both reading and writing knowledge and skills. For this reason, we have divided the review for this test into separate “reading” and “Writing” sections. Be sure to use both study guides as you prepare and access our practice questions and flashcards for both areas. We also provide just a study guide for the composition portion of the English I test so you’ll know which skills are assessed when your composition is scored and how to try for the best results.

High School English I: Writing

The STAAR® English I test contains multiple-choice questions about both reading and writing. This study guide covers the concepts including in English I writing instruction in high school. Be sure you understand the various terms and how to use them in answering questions about the revision of someone else’s writing. This will also help you in the part of the English I exam in which you write your own essay, but specific techniques for that are covered in a separate study guide on composition.

High School U.S. History

Ahhh, U.S. History! We may not have been a country for long, but there sure is a lot to remember. In this study guide, we’ve outlined what you should know before taking the STAAR U.S. History test for high school. Don’t forget to access our practice questions and flashcards to round out your review and to consult additional resources, and maybe your old textbook, for further info on things you don’t remember as well as you thought you did.

We hope our study guides have helped you to create a review plan for the STAAR® test ahead. Please let us know about your experience through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube. Or, simply shoot us an email at We’d love to hear from you!