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ServSafe Manager

30 topics

  1. The Hygienic Food Handler
  2. Receiving Food
  3. Foodborne Illness Response
  4. Allergens and the Back of the House
  5. Serving Food
  6. Inspecting and Rejecting Food
  7. Allergens and the Front of the House
  8. Systems of Food Safety Management
  9. Foodborne Illness and Its Effects
  10. Types of Contaminants
  11. Facility Safety
  12. Unsafe Food-Handling Practices
  13. How Contamination Happens
  14. Using Gloves
  15. Risky Foods
  16. Handwashing
  17. Common Foodborne Illnesses
  18. Time and Temperature
  19. Reporting Illness
  20. Training and Monitoring for Food Safety
  21. Flow of Food Basics
  22. Dishwashing
  23. Food Storage
  24. Storage Locations and Stock Rotation
  25. Food Preparation
  26. Thawing, Cooling, and Reheating Food
  27. Cooking Food
  28. Holding Food
  29. Pest Management and Emergencies
  30. Cleaning and Sanitizing

Food Handler

30 topics

  1. Garbage and Pest Management
  2. Handwashing Products, Supplies, and Places to Wash
  3. Cross-Contact and Allergens
  4. Clothing and Hygiene
  5. Environmental Food Safety Hazards
  6. Human Behavior and Food Safety Hazards
  7. How and When to Wash Hands
  8. Glove Use
  9. Hand Hygiene
  10. Safe Hygiene Practices
  11. When You Are Sick
  12. Time and Temperature Control for Foods
  13. The Temperature Danger Zone and Measuring Temperature
  14. Receiving Food and When to Reject It
  15. Food Storage
  16. Thawing and Preparing Food
  17. Safe Cooking Practices
  18. Holding, Cooling, and Reheating Food
  19. Cross-Contamination Basics
  20. Cross-Contamination and Food Preparation
  21. Cross-Contamination and Self-Serve
  22. Cross-Contamination and Serving Food
  23. Storage to Prevent Cross-Contamination
  24. Chemical Storage
  25. Preparing Food to Avoid Cross-Contact
  26. Serving Food Safely and Cross-Contact Emergencies
  27. Cleaning vs. Sanitizing
  28. How to Clean and Sanitize
  29. Washing Dishes: Using a Three-Compartment Sink
  30. Washing Dishes: Using a Dishwasher

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