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Free Flashcards for the ServSafe® Exams

Our free flashcards for the ServSafe exam are a quick and easy way to study! They review specific terms and concepts and are not organized by test, but by general topic. Whether you’re short on time or using them in tandem with our practice tests and study guides, our flashcards will help you get ready for the test and earn your ServSafe certification—the first time!

Alcohol Service

Serving alcohol is a huge responsibility and failing to do your job can result in liability for not only your establishment, but you as an individual. Use these flashcards to review some of the most important terms and concepts you’ll need to know for the ServSafe Alcohol Tests.


Ensuring customer safety with regard to allergens is vital in the food service industry. It’s important to know and understand the proper terms and concepts to use when guarding against allergic reactions. Use these flashcards to help you review some of these ideas.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Need to quickly test your knowledge of basic cleaning and sanitizing principles? Here’s your chance to practice with our flashcards!

Facilities and Equipment

Every establishment that prepares and serves food must meet certain health codes. Test your knowledge of these safety rules and regulations with our Facilities and Equipment flashcards!

Food Preparation

These flashcards will test your knowledge of food preparation, including cooking, cooling, and reheating food.

Food Safety and Regulations

Every food service establishment in America must understand and abide by food safety regulations set forth by the government. Test your knowledge of these regulations with our Food Safety and Regulation flashcards!

Food Service

If you’re going to be cooking or serving food, you need to know the ins and outs of food safety. Test your knowledge with our food service flashcards!

Pest Management

Unfortunately, insects and other pests can be a big problem for establishments in the food industry. Test your knowledge of pest management fundamentals with our pest management flashcard set!

We hope you find our flashcards useful as you study to take the ServSafe exam. If you’re on Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, we’d love to connect. Give us some feedback on the site, ask a question, or just tell us more about your testing trials and triumphs. Good luck as you study for the ServSafe test and congrats on your new career in the foodservice industry!