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Free Flashcards for the Real Estate License Exam

Many professional disciplines require the knowledge and fluent use of many unique terms. Real estate is no exception. Use these FREE flashcards for the Real Estate License Exam to help you review some of those terms and be ready for test day!

Brokerage Responsibility and Agency Management

There are certain things you need to know if you are involved in managing a real estate agency or even working as part of one. Use these flashcards to help review terms about agency management and brokerage responsibilities that you’ll need to know for the Real Estate License Test.


Management of real estate contracts can be confusing and require comprehension of many technical terms. Use these flashcards to review some of them and prepare for contract questions on the Real Estate License Test.


Real estate operations involving financing can be difficult to understand—there are so many terms that are pertinent to financial real estate matters. In these flashcards, we’ll help you review some of the most important ones, helping to prepare you for the Real Estate License Test.

Practice and Disclosures

There are all sorts of disclosure procedures involved in real estate transactions. Become more familiar with some of the most important terms used in these procedures by reviewing these flashcards.

Property and Ownership Laws

Dealing with real estate and property law can trip you up in contract negotiations and in the everyday practice of a real estate agent. Don’t be confused! Use these flashcards to help understand the terms used or “legalese” involved in the business of property transactions.

Property Valuation and Appraisal

Property valuation and appraisal involves understanding and being able to correctly use many technical terms. Know the role of some of them in real estate matters by going over these flashcards.

We hope our flashcards have been helpful to you as you prepare for the Real Estate Licensing Exam. We’d love to hear how you do and what the process was like for you. Hit us up with an email to or check us out on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest. We’re pulling for you!