Measurement Formulas for Real Estate

If you are preparing for the Real Estate License Exam, then you need to be aware of the importance of measurement formulas. The cost of a property is often linked to its area and perimeter. But each different shape has a different way of calculating its dimensions. That’s why Union Test Prep has prepared the following chart where you will find the equations needed to do the calculations required on the Real Estate Test. Practice using these equations by using our Free Study Materials for the Real Estate Exam.

Also, be sure to look at our formula charts for the Real Estate Areas of:

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Measurement Formulas

Category Formula Symbols Comment
Area \(A=\frac{1}{2}b \cdot h\) A = Area of a triangle
b = base
h = height
Area \(A=s^2\) A = Area of a square
s = side length
Area \(A=l \cdot w\) A = Area of a rectangle
l = length
w = width
Area \(A=h \cdot \frac{(b_1+b_2)}{2}\) A = Area of a trapezoid
\(b_n\) = base n
h = height
Area \(A = \pi r^2\) A = area of a circle
r = radius
Volume \(V=l \cdot w \cdot h\) V = Volume of a rectangular prism
l = length
w = width
h = height
Perimeter \(P=s_1+s_2+s_3\) P = Perimeter of a triangle
\(s_n\) = side length
Perimeter \(P=4 \cdot s\) P = Perimeter of a square
s = side length
Perimeter \(P=(2 \cdot l)+(2 \cdot w)\) P = Perimeter of a rectangle
l = length
w = width
Perimeter \(C=2\pi r\)
\(C=\pi d\)
C = Perimeter of a circle
r = radius
d = diameter
\(\pi\) = 3.14
Pricing \(PFF=\frac{SP}{FF}\) PPF = Price per front feet
SP = Sales Price
FF = Front Feet
Units \(Du=Su \cdot \frac{Du}{Su} = Su \cdot CF\) Du = Desired Unit
Su = Starting Unit
CF = Conversion Factor \(\frac{Du}{Su}\)
Multiple steps may be needed.
Units 1 ft = 12 in
1 yd = 3 ft = 36 in
1 rod = 16½ ft = 5½ yd
1 mi = 5280 ft = 1760 yd = 80 chains
Checks = 24 x 24 mi
Townships = 6 mi x 6 mi
Sections = 1 mi x 1 mi
Quarter Sections = 160 ac
ft = feet
in = inches
yd = yard
mi = miles
ac = acres

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