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Free Flashcards for the HESI® Exam

If part of your nursing school application requires scores on the HESI exam (also called Evolve Reach A2), you’ll want to do your absolute best on it. Our free flashcards for the HESI exam can help you review the skills and knowledge necessary for a great score. They are just a part of our preparation package, which also includes practices tests and study guides. The flashcards can support your entire program of study by giving you another format in which to review.

Anatomy & Physiology

Remembering all of those body systems, what organs they involve, and how they work together can be a daunting task! Reviewing these flashcards will help you put the pieces together and have a complete knowledge base as you prepare for the Anatomy and Physiology section of the HESI exam.


A biology background serves as the basis for later study in your nursing education. While you won’t be doing things like diagramming cell structure on a daily basis, you will need to know about cells when studying concepts like anatomy and physiology. Reviewing these flashcards will help you recall some of those needed biology concepts.


Test tubes and vials may not seem relevant to daily nursing practice, but understanding what’s in those containers is. A firm understanding of chemistry is necessary for understanding things like drug interactions and the effects of nutrients and food on the body. These flashcards will help you review some of the basic chemistry concepts you will need to know.


Expressing yourself correctly is vitally important when a patient’s health is at stake and when the reputation of your facility is being judged by all who read what you write. Our flashcards can help you achieve a good score on this portion of the HESI exam by reviewing some of those sticky rules you haven’t been in contact with lately.


In order to cement your math knowledge and skills in preparation for testing, use these flashcards for some extra practice on the basics! They will help you to be “fine tuned” for test day!


Aspects of physics are used throughout the nursing field and are especially applicable to certain nursing specialties, like oncology and medical testing. These flashcards will help you review basic physics concepts in preparation for this section of the HESI exam.


Understanding and being able to correctly use medical terminology is important for a nurse. These flashcards will help you to practice some of the medical terms you will encounter on the HESI exam, as you are on your way to a great score.

Now that you have prepared for the HESI exam with our flashcards, we hope you’ll let us know about your experience. We’d love to know how we helped and hear about anything else we could do to support you in this process. Drop us a line at or visit us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube. Best of luck in this next great adventure!