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Sure, I've Done This Before...

If you’re a nursing student, you’re bound to be asked by patients, “So you’ve done this before, right?” before you perform a procedure. It’s never good to lie, but there are creative ways to address their question and alleviate the anxiousness they may be feeling. You have likely practiced a skil...
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All Those Nursing Plans....

“All the care plans I’ve written sure will come in handy when I’m a practicing nurse!” Okay, odds are you are never really going to have that thought―especially when the patient you created a care plan for is discharged 5 minutes after your shift starts and you have to start researching a nursin...
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Common Drugs and Their Antidotes

If you’re a nurse or training to become one, you’re going to be expected to know A LOT about drugs, how they work, what they interact with, and their antidotes. Hopefully you’ll never be called on to administer any of the drugs in this list of common antidotes, but knowing what they are is alway...
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Critical Thinking and the HESI Exam

Most standardized nursing tests require strong critical thinking skills, and the HESI exam is no exception. Answering practice questions and reading study guides will give you a feel for what type of questions you may be asked on the HESI exam, but there are other tricks you can use to help impro...
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