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Common Drugs and Their Antidotes

If you’re a nurse or training to become one, you’re going to be expected to know A LOT about drugs, how they work, what they interact with, and their antidotes.

Hopefully you’ll never be called on to administer any of the drugs in this list of common antidotes, but knowing what they are is always a good idea!

Drug Used For Antidote
Anticholinergics Varied Physostigmine
Benzodiazepines anxiety, seizures Romazicon (flumazenil)
Beta Blockers Cardiac arrhythmias Glucagon
Coumadin (warfarin) Anticoagulation Vitamin K
Digoxin Congestive heart failure, A-fib Digoxin Immune Fab (Digibind)
Heparin Anticoagulation Protamine sulfate
Methotrexate Cancer Treatment Leucovorin
Opioids Pain Narcan

Common drugs and Antidotes

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