Your GED and Job Readiness

Your GED and Job Readiness

When striving to get your GED, you’ll find an abundance of information regarding how it will prepare you for the college experience. While a GED can certainly pave the way for college success, many lucrative careers do not require postsecondary education. You also should know that securing a GED can identify you as a strong contender for many occupational positions.

The GED program focuses on the holistic journey to employment for adult learners at every level. For this reason, many aspects of it focus on characteristics that allow graduates to enter the workforce immediately and be competitive with high school graduates for positions that pay much more than those that do not require a GED or diploma.

While a huge focus has been placed on higher learning and obtaining college degrees in the United States over the last couple of decades, the demand for labor with a high school diploma or its equivalent is rising, accounting for 40% of all job growth. Hiring managers for these positions are specifically looking for individuals with middle job skills, or those who have a GED or high school diploma, but not a four-year degree.

The path toward achieving success is different for everyone. However, for those who have opted to not pursue their high school diploma, the GED can open a lot of doors. There will be an entire new pool of higher-paying positions for which GED recipient is qualified, which was previously not the case. Employers will be looking for evidence that candidates have seen a goal through to its conclusion—and a GED proves just that. Having one can elevate a person’s level of general knowledge as well as greatly improve his or her job prospects.

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