Free Practice Tests for the GED® test

Don’t let the GED test stand in the way of your future! Our free practice test for the GED test can help you identify which areas you need to brush up on before test day. Whether you choose to study Mathematical Reasoning, Science, Social Studies, Reasoning Through Language Arts, or all four subjects, we’re here to help you prepare—and score big the first time!

Mathematical Reasoning

The entire Mathematical Reasoning portion of the GED test is timed for a total of 115 minutes and is made up of one single testing period. Questions in this section will be in one of these formats: multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, hot spot, and fill-in-the-blank.

For the first five questions, you may not use a calculator and these five are not timed separately. They must be submitted before you answer the remaining math questions. The following 41 questions do permit the use of a calculator and must be completed during the remaining time of the Math testing period.

You will have access to an online calculator for items that require one or you may bring your own handheld TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator, since most testing centers do not furnish handheld calculators.

You will also have access to a page of formulas during the GED Mathematical Reasoning Test. You can see what that looks like here on this page from the official GED Testing Service website.

Questions in this section are drawn from the mathematical areas of quantitative and algebraic problem solving. Content may come from academic or workforce situations. You will need to draw on mathematical knowledge as well as have the ability to apply this knowledge to solve problems.

Reasoning Through Language Arts

This section of the GED test is timed for 150 minutes as follows:

  • Section 1: 35 minutes of content questions
  • Section 2: 45 minutes for Extended Response portion (essay)
  • Break: 10 minutes
  • Section 3: 60 minutes of content questions

In completing two parts of the Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA) section of the GED test, you will be asked questions about passages that are between 450 and 900 words long. These passages vary in difficulty and questions about them vary in type. You may be asked to recall facts stated or to make inferences from the material written. Additionally, there will be questions about the author’s use of words and use of standard written English, including grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and usage. You can practice these skills by taking our practice test now.

The third part of the Reasoning through Language Arts section of the GED test will require you to write an extended response, or essay. Suggestions for practicing for the essay portion, as well as the other parts of the RLA section of the 2014 GED test, can be found in our Reasoning through Language Arts Study Guide.


This part of the GED test is timed in one section for 90 minutes. Most of the questions are in multiple-choice, hot spot, drag-and-drop, and fill-in-the-blank formats. There were previously two short answer questions in this section, but these were discontinued in 2018. The time limit remains the same and it is up to you to watch the clock provided and conserve adequate time to answer all the questions.

Questions in the Science section of the GED test concern three main topics:

  • Life Science

  • Physical Science

  • Earth and Space Science

All questions also fall within two general themes:

  • Human Health and Living Systems

  • Energy and Related Systems

About half of the Science questions refer to a passage or graphic given with the question. The other half of the questions are stand-alone items about the topics and themes.

If a Science test item requires mathematical skills, such as data analysis, you can use the online calculator provided. Alternatively, you may bring your own handheld TI-30XS Multiview scientific calculator. Do not count on the testing center to supply a handheld calculator for your use.

You can practice your Science skills by trying the multiple-choice questions in our practice test. Also, check out our Science Study Guide for information on answering other question types.

Social Studies

The Social Studies section of the GED test is timed for 70 minutes, without a break, and contains content questions, delivered in four different question formats: multiple choice, drag-and-drop, hot spot, and fill-in-the-blank.

This section focuses on topics from four areas of study:

  • Civics and Government

  • U.S. History

  • Economics

  • Geography and the World

All of the questions also pertain to one of two main themes within the four areas:

  • Development of Modern Liberties and Democracy

  • Dynamic Responses in Societal Systems

About half of the questions in this section refer to a passage or graphic that accompanies the question. The other half of the questions are stand-alone items concerning one of the two themes.

Some questions require using data analysis and statistics. An online calculator will be provided for this type of item or you may bring your own handheld TI-30XS Multiview scientific calculator. The testing center will probably not furnish handheld calculators.

You can practice your Social Studies skills with the multiple-choice question type here. Be sure to see our Social Studies Study Guide for more information on the other question types.

We hope you find our practice questions helpful as you study to earn your GED certification! If you ever have any questions, give us a shout on social media via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest, or by email at Happy studying and good luck as you begin this exciting step toward furthering your education!