What Is GEDWorks™?

What Is GEDWorks™?

GEDWorks™ is an official GED® program that allows employers to sponsor employees who are working toward earning their GED® credential.

It is a free program for the employees, and allows them to access many tools and resources that can help them pass the GED® test at no cost to them.

How Does It Work?

Employees working at a company that participates in GEDWorks™ can earn their GED® diploma while remaining in their jobs. The free and unlimited access to GED® resources includes study materials, practice tests, and enrollment for the test. They can also receive hands-on instruction from their adult education center while covered in GEDWorks™.

Who Does It Benefit?

The program is good for employers, too, as they can benefit from workers with improved skills and higher retention rates. Their employees can benefit from additional education efforts made by their adult workforce, which increases their career readiness and, in many instances, financial stability.

Is It Growing?

GEDWorks™ was started in 2015 as a pilot program with only three major employers participating. However, since that time, the program has become so successful that many additional employers now participate, and the program has assisted over 4,000 adult learners earn their GED® credential at no cost to them.

Is GEDWorks™ Available to Me?

Find out by asking your employer. If they don’t currently participate, maybe they would be willing to do so. It certainly would be of benefit to them and to those they employ.

And when you do study for it, check out our free test prep for the GED®.

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