Question 19 - Social Studies Practice Test for the GED Test

According to the passage, how does geography influence the trade of heroin?

One Down-Side of Globalization

Globalization has provided new options for trade in today’s world. While most of these changes are positive, the increase in drug trade over land has become a concern. One drug, heroin, is produced from opium poppies, which is most widely done in Afghanistan. In fact, of the heroin supply in the UK, it is estimated that 90% of it comes from Afghanistan, the world’s largest heroin producer. The value of this UK/Afghanistan heroin trade was estimated at 44 billion English pounds in 2009.

The topography of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran does not make them easily policed. Moreover, due to the constant fluctuation in government and the frequency of conflict, it is not easy to enforce the law. Additionally, the Taliban has been associated with one primary area of heroin production. The drug producers use camels and 4-wheel drive vehicles to get their product out of the area.

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