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English Basics

Sometimes, just knowing a definition can stand between you and correct usage or the correct answer on an English or reading test. Don’t let that happen! Check out these free English Basics flashcards to review some of the words we use to describe English usage and really understand just what all those rules mean.

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You don’t have to worry about which letters to capitalize when you speak, but writing presents a whole new challenge. It’s also common on social media and in casual notes to not worry about capital letters. Even so, you really should put capital letters where they belong, especially in formal writing or when writing for a class or for work. Practice this skill with these flashcards and know when to capitalize! And to access all of the capitalization rules, consult our English Basics: Capitalization Study Guide.

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Cleaning Up English

There are a number of very common mistakes in speaking and writing that will instantly identify a person as one who does not use the English language well. Do not let yourself be that person. Clean up your speech and writing with our “Cleaning Up English” materials, including these flashcards. For tons of help cleaning up your English, consult our English Basics: Cleaning Up English Study Guide.

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Critical Reading

Whether you are reading for fun or reading to answer questions on a test, it’s much more productive if you really understand what you have read. There are several strategies that will help with comprehension. See how much you know about good reading practices with these flashcards! For help with critical reading, consult our English Basics: Critical Reading Study Guide.

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Literary Terms

Knowing terms that are used in discussions about authors and literature can help you understand how writers appeal to us, as readers. These terms may also be used in test questions and knowing their meanings can help you find the correct answer. See what you know about literary terms by trying these flashcards. To find out more about literary terms, consult our English Basics: Literary Terms Study Guide.

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Parts of Speech

Chances are that you’re not going to have to conjugate a sentence anytime soon, but knowing the parts of speech and how they function can help you speak and write correctly. Use these flashcards to practice the right way to use all types of words…and the reasons why. And for all the details concerning parts of speech, check out our English Basics: Parts of Speech Study Guide.

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When you speak out loud, no one knows if you know where to put a period or comma. If you want your writing to be clear, however, punctuation is important. Practice punctuation conventions with these flashcards and know what little mark to use to make your writing as clear as possible. And to see all punctuation rules, consult our English Basics: Punctuation Study Guide.

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Sentence Structure

Sentences can be put together in a number of ways. Usually, only one way of combining words has the intended effect. Sentence structure really makes a difference in how well you communicate, in speech and in writing. Practice sentence skills with these flashcards and see where you stand with sentence clarity. For additional guidelines for sentence structure, consult our English Basics: Sentence Structure Study Guide.

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The Writing Process

Being able to write clearly is becoming a very valued skill, both in school and work environments. Even if you dread a writing assignment, you can become a good writer if you just know and follow certain procedures and guidelines. See what you know about the writing process with these flashcards. For much more assistance with the writing process, look at our English Basics: Writing Process Study Guide.

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Word Usage

If you’re not sure whether to use lay or lie and accept or except, these flashcards will provide good practice in this sort of decision. And we’ll give you the reason for using the correct word. So, see how good you are at this and how you can improve! For much more about word usage, consult our English Basics: Word Usage Study Guide.

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