Welcome to the CSET™ Multiple Subjects Test

Welcome to the CSET™ Multiple Subjects Test

This is one of the tests you may be required to pass before being credentialed as a teacher in the state of California. If you want to teach in the state of California, you may be required to take a number of tests. There are additional CSET™ tests, like the CSET™ Writing Skills Test or specific subject area CSET™ tests, but the Multiple Subjects Test is the basic one required of a prospective teacher in any field or at any grade level.

Why Is This Test Required?

Before handing you a teacher certification, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing wants to be sure you are well-equipped to do your job. For that reason, all teaching candidates are required to pass the CSET™ Multiple Subjects Test. In addition, teaching in certain fields at higher than elementary grade levels adds additional test requirements to the process of certification.

What Does the Test Cover?

While single-subject CSET™ tests are about just one area of study, the CSET™ Multiple Subject Test covers basic knowledge from seven different fields. The test is given in three sections:

  • Subtest I includes: Reading, Language, and Literature and History and Social Science

  • Subtest II includes: Science and Math

  • Subtest III includes: Physical Education, Human Development, and Visual and Performing Arts

How Can I Prepare?

The biggest part of your preparation was done during your college years, as you were preparing to be a teacher. However, you’ll need to refresh your memory of and practice using what you learned. The best way to do this is to access CSET™ Test prep books and websites. Here is one that offers study guides, practice questions, and flashcards, all for free:

Union Test Prep’s Free Practice for the CSET™ Test

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