The Patient’s Bill of Rights

The Patient’s Bill of Rights

In 1973, the American Hospital Association (AHA) put out a document called “A Patient’s Bill of Rights” which outlined the standard for patient care and treatment in America. While the document has undergone several revisions in subsequent years, the tenants of the bill remain largely unchanged.

Patients have the right to…

  1. Participate in and make decisions regarding their care

  2. Be informed about their medical condition

  3. Choose their doctor

  4. Use their own clothing and have access to their possessions

  5. Privacy and confidentiality of personal health information

  6. Have freedom from restraints and abuse

  7. Be cared for in a clean and safe environment

  8. Be discharged or transferred only for a specifically communicated reason

  9. Express concerns or complaints without punishment or retaliation from the organization

  10. Participate in or decline to participate in research studies related to your care

  11. Be informed about treatments and charges

Patient's Bill of Rights

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