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Sometimes just a little word can lead you astray when studying complicated concepts. Try out these free flashcards for the CCRN test to review some of the most important terms you’ll see on the exam and feel more confident in your ability on test day.

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Sections of the CCRN


When you’re trying to get all the terms and procedures straight in a critical care setting, things can get confusing. To help you prepare for the CCRN® test questions about cardiovascular topics, be sure to access these flashcards to help you remember which term is which. They’ll provide some extra practice as you prepare for the test.

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Since there are several different systems covered by this category of questions on the test, you’ll want to do some extra review of pertinent terms. Use these flashcards to help you review important vocabulary and the proper usage of it.

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When you are dealing with patients with conditions that affect multiple body systems, the array of terms and procedures can be quite confusing. Be sure you have them all straight. One way to do this is to try these flashcards to review some of the more important ones.

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Questions about the three areas of study in this section address a great deal of content and many terms and procedures. Use these flashcards to help you commit some of the most important ones to memory and be more prepared for the test.

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Professional Caring and Ethical Practice

There are a number of terms and practices you might need to review while preparing for the CCRN® test, and some of these fall in the areas of professional care and ethical practice. Use these flashcards to brush up on anything you may need to remember.

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A study of the respiratory system and the critical care it may require involves knowledge of many terms and procedures. You must fully understand the procedures and be able to use the terms seamlessly to provide appropriate care, many times in critical and/or emergency situations. Use these flashcards to help firm up your knowledge in this area for the test and for use in your future healthcare work.

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Hopefully, you have a renewed faith in your ability to ferret out information during the CCRN test by using these flashcards. Let us know how it’s going by reaching out to Union Test Prep on Pinterest, YouTube, X, Facebook, or Instagram. We’re here to help!