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Free Study Guides for the CBEST®

If you need to take the California Basic Educational Skills Test™ (CBEST) our study guides can help! Our mathematics, reading, and writing skills study guides give you a summary of fundamental concepts that may be covered on the test, so you can quickly assess which areas you need to brush up on and which areas you’re already prepared for. Whether you need help in math, reading, or writing (or all three!) our study guides for the CBEST have got you covered!


Since you cannot use a calculator on this section of the CBEST, you’ll really want to have certain math terms and procedures fresh in your mind. Find out what is covered on the test and what things you really need to review before taking it by using our study guide!


This section of the CBEST not only involves reading passages, but also gaining meaning from other written sources, like graphs and tables. Get some clues to help you do this in our study guide and be better prepared to ace this test!


Written composition can be tough, but you can have an advantage on this test. Check out this study guide for helpful hints and practice suggestions before you take the CBEST Writing test!

We hope you find our study guides helpful as you prepare to ace the CBEST! On Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest? We’d love to connect! Let us know how studying is going for you, what areas you could use extra help with, or just pop in to say “hi!” Good luck studying and we can’t wait to hear the news that you’ve passed your CBEST!