The CBEST: All About the Test

The CBEST: All About the Test

Are you looking to teach in the state of California? Do you need to take The California Basic Educational Skills Test™ (CBEST®)? Here is everything you need to know to prepare!

The test measures reading, writing, and math skills.

There are both paper and computerized versions.

The reading section is 50 multiple choice questions. You will be asked to read and analyze short passages or graphs

The writing section requires you to write two essays based on a given topic.

The math section is 50 multiple choice questions which are primarily word problems.

You can take all 3 tests (reading, writing, and math) in a single session or take one at a time. Either way you do it, you will have four hours to complete the task.

Tests are scored from 20-80. At minimum, you must earn a 37 on each individual section and have total cumulative score of at least 123 in order to pass.

Calculators are not allowed on the math section

Testing and service fees for the test cost a little over $100. There are additional fees for late or “emergency” registration.

All About the CBEST

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