Which Branch of the Military Should I Join?

Which Branch of the Military Should I Join?

Making the decision to join the military is often a life-changing event. But once you have decided to serve the country, you also have to make a decision about which branch of the military you would like to enlist in. Each branch has a unique mission, training requirements, and job offerings. The information below provides you with some basic information that can be incredibly valuable when making this decision.

A career in the Navy can be incredibly rewarding. This branch is concerned with maintaining the freedom of the seas. One huge benefit is that you will always be stationed on a coast, which means that the beach won’t be far away. Basic training for the Navy can be rigorous. But once you have completed this requirement, you can get access to a wide range of assignments including jobs in Aviation, Medical, Administration, Technical, Weapons, Engineering, and more. Since much of the time is spent on the water, those with a fear of water or who get seasick easily may want to select an alternative branch. If you truly love the Navy and excel at the requirements, there may be potential to join the elite special ops units, the Navy SEALs.


The Army is the primary ground force of the military, and their mission is to protect and defend the United States. This branch is ideal for those who love to travel and those who love being outdoors. The Army offers many opportunities and room for advancement for those who would like to build a military career. Basic training for the Army may be rigorous, although not as rigorous as the Marines. Some specialties offered in the Army include Infantry, Combat Engineering, and Helicopter Repair.

Air Force

The role of the Air Force is to support ground troops through air and space applications. This branch is great for those who love technology and want to train for future technical positions. It can also be a competitive branch of the military to join, so you will need a high ASVAB score to meet the minimum requirements. Those in the Air Force can work on Air and Space Superiority, Rapid Global Mobility, and Global Integrated ISR applications, among other options. Basic training for the Air Force is less physical than other branches, although it is still a rigorous training regimen.


The US Marine Corps is technically still within the Navy, although it is a bit more rigorous. The basic training for Marines is one of the most difficult and this branch requires a very high level of physical fitness. Marines are primarily concerned with fighting and training. Once done with training, enlistees have many options for assignments, such as Cryptology, Counterintelligence, and Machine Gunner, among others.

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard is an important branch of the military. They are primarily responsible for drug interdiction, escorting ships with dangerous or hazardous cargo, and intercepting immigration trafficking vessels. Coast Guard basic training lasts eight weeks and is also very physically demanding. One key benefit in the Coast Guard is that you have the certainty that you will always be defending the US waterspace and will not be deployed into foreign wars.

Selecting the right branch may require serious consideration and reflection. But no matter which branch is best suited to you, you can expect to feel the pride of serving your country in the armed forces.

Which Branch of the Military Should I Join?

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