Seven Awesome Things About Being in the Military

Seven Awesome Things About Being in the Military

In many careers, employees wake up, decide what to wear, commute to work, punch the clock, sit at a desk for 8 hours fighting sleep, and punch out at 5, only to repeat the whole process over the next day. If you have a career in the Armed Forces, your day probably looks a lot different, and we think that’s cause for celebration! Here are seven other benefits of being a member of the military that those poor 9-5ers just don’t get.

1. You’ve got good company

In addition to a camaraderie like no other, many distinguished leaders in our country are former servicemen and women.

2. You’ve got job security

While other companies are handing out pink slips or shuttering their doors for good, you’re employed by one of the largest organizations in America, with roots going back all the way to the country’s founding.

3. You’ve got prestige

Your uniform and your title are exclusive. If you’re wearing it, you’ve earned it!

4. You’ve got advancement

No dead-end job for you! The military offers many opportunities for growth and advancement, both professionally and financially.

5. You’ve got better vacation

Most people are lucky to get 2 weeks of paid time off, but in the military you get 30 days. That’s over double!

6. You’ve got travel deals

Want to fly somewhere exotic but don’t want to spend the money? Want to take the family to Disney but not sure how to work it into your budget? Not a problem if you’re in the military! As a member of the Armed Forces, you can take a space available flight to almost anywhere for free, and only members of the military can stay at the bargain-priced Shades of Green, a Disney World five-star resort.

7. You’ve got cheaper education

Thinking of going back to school? Why not! If you choose to attend a publicly operated (state) college or university, you can get up to 100 percent of your “in-state” tuition and fees covered. Have your heart set on a private college? No problem! Although your tuition won’t be covered 100%, you will get up to $17,500 a year toward tuition and fees. Not a bad chunk of change!

7 benefits of being in the military

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