Common Military Acronyms

Common Military Acronyms

So you (or your loved one) joined the military. It all seems great, if you could just understand what the heck they are talking about! Who knew that in the military TACO isn’t a food and WILCO isn’t a band? Acronyms are common in the military, so it’s a great idea to memorize some of these common ones:

AA- Armed Forces America

APC - Armored Personnel Carrier

BLEP- Ballistic Eye Protection

CO- Company

DoD- Department of Defense

EPW- Enemy Prisoners of War

FA- Field Artillery

GFE- Government Furnished Equipment

HMG- Heavy Machine Gun

IC- Individual Combatant

JAG- Judge Advocate General

KILOD- Killed In the Line Of Duty

LCE- Load Carrying Equipment

MEDEVAC- Medical Evacuation

MOS- Military Occupational Speciality

MWS- Modular Weapon System

NB- Naval Base

OBO- Official Business Only

PL- Platoon Leader

QM- Quartermaster

RL- Rocket Launcher

ROE - Rules of Engagement

SQD- Squad

SO- Special Operations

TACO- Tactical Command Post

USR- Unit Status Report

VDM- Visual Distinguishing Mark

WILCO- Will Comply

XO- Executive Officer

Common Military Acronyms

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