ASVAB Scores for the U.S. Air Force

ASVAB Scores for the U.S. Air Force

Like all branches of the United States military, the Air Force looks at potential recruits’ Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB, test scores during their evaluation. The ASVAB helps to determine if the recruit has the mental capacity to successfully complete basic training and determines the aptitude of the candidate to learn various jobs within the Air Force.

The ASVAB breaks the test into 10 subtests, and then groups these subtests into 4 different qualification areas: General, Mechanical, Administrative, and Electrical. To achieve acceptance into the Air Force, the overall score of the combined subtests must exceed a 36 for testees that possess a high school diploma and must be a 65 if they have a GED. Aside from the Coast Guard, the Air Force has the highest test score requirement of the branches, as the Navy requires a 35, the Marines a 32, and the Army a 31 for recruits with a high school diploma. For those with a GED, all of the other branches, including the Coast Guard, require a testing score of 50.

Depending upon a recruit’s desired career path, he or she may need to achieve a minimum score in one or more of these areas. For instance, to work within Airfield Management, the minimum score for the composite General tests must be 50 and for the Mechanical ones, it must be 40.

Potential Air Force recruits should familiarize themselves with the ASVAB test areas that are compatible with their long-term career goals. It is also a good idea to work with a recruiter to determine the best way to prepare for taking the ASVAB as well as achieving any minimum requirements for the physical assessments. It should also be noted that commissioned officers are required to take other specialized tests in addition to the ASVAB. Being prepared for all aspects of testing is an essential component in achieving a successful career in the United States Air Force.

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