Question 40 - Paragraph Comprehension Practice Test for the ASVAB

Based on this passage, the author would agree that ____.

Doc­tors in many coun­tries have gone back to us­ing old an­ti­bi­otics that were aban­doned… be­cause their tox­ic side ef­fects were so fre­quent and so bad. But su­per­bugs, like Acine­to­bac­ter, have chal­lenged doc­tors all over the world by now be­com­ing re­sist­ant to these old­er and con­sid­ered more dan­ger­ous med­i­cines. Even col­istin, an an­ti­bi­ot­ic disco­vered 60 years ago, has re­cently been used as a sal­vage rem­e­dy to treat pa­tients with Acine­to­bac­ter in­fec­tions. And it was suc­cess­ful for a while, but now it oc­ca­sion­ally fails due to re­cent ex­ten­sive use that has caused the bac­te­ria to be­come re­sist­ant, lead­ing to prob­lem su­per­bugs that are re­sist­ant to all avail­a­ble an­ti­bi­otics.

Quote from Mat­thew Fala­gas of the Alfa In­sti­tute of Bi­o­med­i­cal Sci­ences in Ath­ens, Greece and Tufts Uni­vers­ity School of Med­i­cine in Bos­ton, Mass. Retrieved from:

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