How Much Can I Make in the Military?

How Much Can I Make in the Military?

Many young adults consider joining the military at some point in their lives. While military life may not be for everyone, it is a secure job path with many benefits. You get on-the-job training and college tuition benefits, so it provides a great way to plan for the future. However, it is also common to wonder how much one can make in terms of salary during a military career. The bottom line is that military salaries can vary greatly, and there are other benefits that should be considered.

Starting Salaries

The typical pay for entry-level Army privates, which is the lowest rank, is just above $20,000 a year. Base pay for enlisted service members in their first six months often comes out to under $20,000 a year. Military officers start at a higher salary, often a bit more than $38,000 a year due to their existing education or experience. And while these salaries may seem low in comparison to civilian careers, it is worth recognizing that aside from officers, most recruits start with no post-high school education or relevant experience.

Rewards for Advancement

Additionally, military members can increase their salary by advancing their rank and gaining experience. Enlistment ranks start at around $20,000, but through advancement the salary can grow to nearly $70,000 annually; for officers, the range begins at about $38,000 and caps at nearly $190,000. The range shows that following the career path in the military can lead to a high-paying salary.

Other Compensation

It’s also worth noting that base pay represents only a part of the total compensation package for members of the military. They often receive generous benefits and perks that you won’t find in civilian positions, such as allowances for housing, food, uniforms, and job-specific bonuses, many of which are tax-free. These extra perks often bring the total compensation package to be much higher than you might realize when looking at the salary alone.

How Much Can I Make in the Military?

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