ACCUPLACER® Testing: Alert!—Big Changes Coming!

ACCUPLACER® Testing: Alert!—Big Changes Coming!

Why Change?

The folks in charge of the ACCUPLACER® testing program want their tests to reflect a student’s skills as accurately as possible. They also want students to be able to move into regular college-level courses at an appropriate pace, with no unnecessary gaps in progress. Additionally, the new math tests are better coordinated with students’ varying study goals—each one is appropriate for the level of math expertise required in chosen career paths. For all of these reasons, some ACCUPLACER® tests have been re-designed.

What Are the Changes?

New forms of five of the previously used ACCUPLACER® tests have been created. You’ll know a test is new when you see the words “Next Generation” before the test name. Here’s a list of the new tests and the ones they are replacing:

Next Generation Test Replaces This Test
Next Generation Reading Reading Comprehension
Next Generation Writing Sentence Skills
Next Generation Arithmetic Arithmetic
Next Generation Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics Elementary Algebra
Next Generation Advanced Algebra and Functions College Level Math

Are All ACCUPLACER® Tests Changing?

No, unless the test is listed on the chart above, the existing test will continue to be in force, as far as we know now. The currently unchanged tests are the WritePlacer® Essay and all of the ESL test sections.

When Do the Changes Take Effect?

Well, some of them already have. Currently, colleges and other testing facilities are free to administer either the old or new forms of these tests, but not both. Beginning on Monday, January 7, 2019, only the “New Generation” forms of the tests may be given.

What Does This Mean for Me?

You need to carefully compare the exact test names on any study materials you use for the ACCUPLACER® test to the exact test names of the test you will take. The two forms of each test have significant differences in content and the way it is assessed. If you are testing on or after January 7, 2019, you’ll need to be sure to use test prep materials labeled for “Next Generation” tests in the five areas above. If you are testing before that date, check with your testing facility to be sure of the correct test name.

You will always be able to find the appropriate test prep materials here, on the Union Test Prep website. Ensure the name of your test matches the name of our prep sections exactly, and you can be assured to get the test prep you need. And, hang in there, once you have dealt with the ACCUPLACER® tests, you’ll be on your way to what you really want to do with your life!

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