Question 14 - Next Generation Reading Practice Test for the ACCUPLACER Test

Read the passage and answer this question based on what is stated or implied in the passage.

Which of the following best describes what is happening in sentence 1?

(1) Today I will outline five broad changes underway to make the Intelligence Community – and the CIA in particular – more effective and more accountable. (2) They are not quick fixes. (3) They do not involve massive new legislation or reorganization. (4) These are measures that lay a foundation for fundamental changes in the way we do our business. (5) They will strengthen our intelligence capability, they will not tear it down. (6) There are many things that the Intelligence Community does well. (7) We intend to build on these strengths, but we are determined to address the problems that have damaged the reputation and diminished the effectiveness of the Intelligence Community.

Retrieved from: testimony/1995/dci_speech_91295.html

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