Practice Tests

Practice Tests help you practice questions similar to those you will find on your exam. Each Practice Test has multiple sections corresponding to sections on the exam. To start a Practice Test:

  • Visit your profile
  • Switch to either Study Mode or Exam Mode* (Optional)
  • Select a Practice Test Section to begin

Select a Practice Test mode*

There are two ways to practice the materials and study for your exam—Study Mode or Exam Mode. Select a practice test mode before you select a section to study. Press the button to toggle between Study Mode and Exam Mode. *A Premium Account is required to enable Exam mode.

Study Mode

Get a helpful learning experience focused on learning what you got wrong and why. You’ll build knowledge and get tips along the way.

  • Shows hints
  • Shows correct and incorrect answers immediately
  • Shows explanations for each answer
  • Shows your progress
  • Allows you to skip questions

You will see Study Mode displayed on the Profile overview when Study Mode is enabled.

Study Mode

Explanations, hints, and answers to questions are given immediately upon response.

Exam Mode

Get a challenging experience as you would encounter on exam day. You will answer questions without any feedback and get your scores at the end.

  • No hints
  • No answers until completed
  • No explanations until completed
  • No progress
  • No skipping questions

You will see Exam Mode displayed on the Profile overview when Study Mode is enabled.

Exam Mode

Explanations, hints, and answers to questions are not given until the end of the test.

Reviewing Practice Test progress

Any time while you’re studying, visit your Profile to review your Practice Test progress. While in Study Mode, each Practice Test card displays your current progress and number of incorrect answers.

  • If the Section is in progress, select Resume to continue studying.
  • If the Section is completed, select View answers to view a list of all the questions you have completed.
Progress 6 of 40
Score 2 correct and 4 incorrect
ResumeReset progress

Resetting Practice Test progress

After completing a section, you can reset your progress to start again. Visit your Profile and select Reset. When you reset, you remove progress and scores for that section.

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