Improve your performance on your exam through repetition-based learning. With Lessons, you get a dynamic and personalized studying experience based on your performance.

Starting a Lesson

The Lessons Overview displays Sections corresponding with your exam. Each Lesson consists of ten questions.

  1. Navigate to your exam.
  2. Select Lessons to view available Sections.
  3. Select a Section to begin.
  4. Begin by answering questions in your Lesson.

Resuming a Lesson

You can leave and return to a Lesson at any time. Any in-progress Lessons are indicated with the progress ring. Select any Section to continue where you left off in that Section.

Completing a Lesson

After completing all ten questions in a Lesson, you will return to the Lessons Overview. Each Section card displays the number of Lessons you’ve completed.

Complete a Section

A new Lesson is generated based on every question you have previously answered correctly or incorrectly. Uunlimited Lessons are generated for you until you’ve mastered the materials. A Section is complete whenever all questions have been answered correctly. From here, you can move on to another Section or reset your progress to start over.

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