Cram Course

Cram Course provides topic-focused study materials. Each lesson consists of a topic overview and multiple follow-up questions.

Availability Notice

Not all exams have Cram Course. You will know if your exam has Cram Course by visiting your exam and looking for this feature listed in the navigation bar.

Start Cram Course

Start a cram course by visiting Cram Course in the primary navigation bar and then clicking Get Started. Or visit your profile and select Cram Course in the side navigation.

If you haven’t already set your Exam Date, we will ask you to specify a date when you expect to take your exam. Your Cram Course Lesson Plan is generated based on the exam date you select.

After adding your exam date, you will see your personalized Cram Course Lesson Plan.

Multi-Step Problems


Lesson Plan

Your Lesson Plan consists of all of the topics for your exam organized by day. Complete available Lessons each day until your exam. All available Lessons are accompanied by a color icon, while unavailable Lessons are grayed out.

Don’t worry if you miss a lesson here and there. Your Lesson Plan will reorganize automatically based on the number of topics and the time remaining before your exam date. You can also complete additional lessons if you’re feeling ambitious.

Completing Lessons

Select any available Lesson to begin to see the Lesson summary. Select Continue to begin with the topic overview. Each topic is followed by multiple questions which reinforce concepts you’ve learned. You can return to the topic overview anytime by selecting Review.

Answer all questions correctly to complete the lesson. You’ll get as many retries as needed on each question; so you can focus on building understanding.

Completed lessons will have a checkmark displayed alongside the Lesson icon.

Upgrade to access all Lessons

A Premium account is required to access the entire Cram Course for your exam. If you do not have Premium, you can select Upgrade to complete your purchase and access the remaining Lessons.

Once you’ve removed this exam, select Enroll to add the exam and set a new exam date.

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