Premium Licenses

Premium for each exam includes one year of access from date of purchase.

Purchase Premium for another member

If you’re a teacher, tutor, or parent, you may be looking to purchase Premium for another member. The Classroom feature helps you manage Premium access for other members. To get started, visit Classroom and select ‘Add a classroom’. Enter a name for the classroom and select which exam you’re purchasing Premium for.

Add students

Select ‘Add a student’’ to invite members to your classroom.

Get Premium

Select ‘Get Premium Licenses’ to initiate an order. The order quantity includes all joined and invited members of your classroom that don’t already have Premium for the selected exam. You may adjust the purchase quantity as needed. Complete the purchase to be returned to your classroom.

Assign Premium

Once members have joined your classroom, select each member and select ‘Assign Premium License’ to enable access to Premium features. The licenses with the most remaining time will be assigned first. Each member will have access until the license expiration date.

You may add new members and purchase additional licenses for your classroom at any time.

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