Sign in with Google

You can access your account without a password by signing in using your Google account.

Create an account

If you haven’t created an account already, visit the Sign Up page to set up your account.

Continue with Google

  1. Visit the Sign Up page.
  2. Select Button.
  3. Confirm your Google account username and password.
  4. Your account will be created using the name and email address associated with your Google account.
  5. You will be signed in to your account.

Sign in to your account

If you have already created an account previously, you can still sign in to your account through email or a service provider. Your progress is displayed as long as you created your account using the same email address.

Continue with Google

  1. Visit the Sign In page.
  2. Select Button.
  3. You will be signed in to your account matching your Google email address.

Sign out of your account

To sign out, press the Sign Out button in the main navigation bar. The process to sign out of your account is the same, even if you have signed in to your account using Google.

Troubleshooting and Questions

  • I signed in with Google but I do not see my account progress.
    In order for your progress to be displayed, your account email must be the same as the account you are signing in with.
  • I want to remove Google Sign in from my account.
    Visit and find Become - Test Prep under the Signing in with Google section. Press the Remove Access button to disable account access through Google.
  • What information do you store from my account?
    When you create an account using Google, we store your name and email address. We use your email address to provide you with access to your account. We do not store other account information or have any additional access to your Google account.

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