Apgar Score

Apgar Score

The Apgar test was developed in 1952 and has since become regarded as the gold standard for assessing newborn babies. Five categories are assessed on a scale from 0-2, for a possible total of 10. An infant is scored at both 1 and 5 minutes after birth. If his initial score is less than 7, the screening will be repeated every 5 minutes until 20 minutes after birth.

Heart Rate

0- No heartbeat

1- Less than 100 beats/minute

2- 100 beats/minute or greater

Muscle Tone

0- Limp/floppy tone

1- Some flexion/movement of extremities

2- Active, spontaneous  motion


0- Not breathing

1-  Weak cry or grunting, irregular breathing

2- Strong cry, normal respiratory rate


0- Unresponsive to stimulation

1- Grimace during stimulation

2- Grimaces, coughs, sneezes, or pulls away during stimulation


0- Pale or blue throughout

1- Pink with bluish hands and feet

2- Normal/pink throughout

Apgar Score

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