Why Do You Need “English Basics?”

Why Do You Need “English Basics?”

In a nutshell, you need to know “English Basics” because English is hard to learn.

With all of the rules, and the exceptions to the rules, it can be hard to know what proper usage really is. With the speed at which the English language changes and evolves, it can be hard to keep up with the latest terminology and correct sentence structure. With the constant quest to complete tasks more quickly and communicate more effectively, it can be hard to remember what the standard usage rules are and when or how to apply them.

Who Could Benefit from English Basics?

Union Test Prep’s English Basics materials are a valuable resource for both native and non-native English learners. They are extremely helpful if you are looking to brush up on basic English skills and ensure you have a solid foundation of understanding. From capitalization to spelling to knowing which homonyms to use in a particular situation, our study guides, practice tests, and flashcards can help you hone your skills and feel more confident in your English usage.

Does English Basics Help with Test Prep?

Are you preparing for a standardized test that will assess your ability to read and write in English? Our English Basics study guide for critical reading can help you build your skills by explaining how to become a critical reader and the steps to take as you read to increase your comprehension and ability to apply the material in a test question. This study guide takes you through some reflective questions to consider before you start reading any kind of text, activities to help you engage with the text as you are reading, and post-reading practices that will help cement the information in your brain.

How Can I Learn All of Those Terms Required in English?

Are you worried that you don’t know or can’t remember literary terms that are likely to be tested on an upcoming final exam or standardized test? Check out our flashcards for literary terms and quiz yourself on some of the most commonly assessed literary terms. You can even try a practice test to gauge your skills. Understanding and identifying elements of English with which you struggle can help you focus your review and test preparation on your weaker areas, saving you time and energy.

My Problem Is Writing…Can English Basics Help with That?

Writing can be a challenge for many people. If you are a struggling writer, or you just want to test your skills, review Union Test Prep’s writing process study guide and then apply your knowledge on the writing process practice test and see how well you do. The Writing Process study guide explains why writers write (author’s purpose), how to approach and dissect a writing prompt to ensure that you address all required elements, how to tackle different writing styles (argumentative, informative, narrative, etc.), what you need to consider with regard to your audience, and how to take your writing from a brainstormed list of ideas to a polished, edited final piece ready to share with an audience.

Our English Basics study guides, practice tests, and flashcards provide extensive reviews of standard English usage skills.

The explanations included help you understand English grammar and usage concepts and know what to look for in questions and test directions to help you apply the rules of English more successfully, whether you are reading, writing, or speaking English. No matter whether you are a native English speaker or someone new to the language, Union Test Prep’s English Basics materials are an invaluable resource for reviewing the basics of English. Check them out and see for yourself!

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