Back to School Organization Tips

Headed back to school or helping your kids get back in the swing of things? Check out these tips to make those first few days back a little less brutal:

Plan ahead

Pack your backpack, make your lunch, and layout your clothes the night before so you don’t end up forgetting your books, wearing mis-matched socks, and feasting on stale Cheetos.

Organize those papers

Teachers love to slay small forests by printing out a hand-outs for everything imaginable, so make sure you’re prepared! Recycle unimportant things immediately, and separate papers into two folders: things you need now and things you’ll need in the future. Pick a day each week to flip through each folder and purge what you don’t need.

Create a “Don’t Forget!” system

Have an important paper that’s due or something you absolutely need to bring to class? Find a visible spot in the house where you can post daily reminders. By the door, near the car, next to the keys, or on the fridge are good spots for most people, but find what works for you!

Use a Calendar

Nobody can remember everything, so buy, make, or download a calendar and use it!

Check out Pinterest

There are a lot of crazy organizers out there, and they are all on Pinterest, sharing their ideas for organization with you for free! You can find how-to instructions for everything from backpack organization to cool make-ahead snacks, just don’t beat yourself up too much if your Cookie Monster cupcake looks like he’s seen better days.

Ways to get organized for back-to-school

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