5 Ways To Get Better Grades

5 Ways To Get Better Grades

School is back in session, and for a few blissful days, your grade is 100%. To keep it that way (or close to it), check out these tips:

Make it Count All Semester Long

Many teachers “backload” classes so a big assignment is due towards the end of the semester. Don’t think you can blow off the second half of the semester just because you did well in the beginning- messing up one big assignment might do irreparable damage to your grade.

Jump on Extra Credit

Take any and every opportunity for extra credit that’s offered, no matter how small. One point can make the difference between pass and fail.

Join a Study Group

Set up a time to meet with friends to quiz each other once a week.  And don’t be afraid to ask questions-your peers might be able to explain a problem you don’t understand in a way that your teacher can’t.

Talk to the Teacher

If you’re struggling, don’t be afraid to get extra tips, tricks, or study materials from your instructor. Their job is to help you learn and grow, so take advantage!

Take Notes

It all made perfect sense Friday, but by next Tuesday you’ll forget 95% of what you learned. Taking detailed notes will help jog your memory later and help the information “stick.”

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