5 Ways to Boost Your Memory

5 Ways to Boost Your Memory

Forgot an important appointment? Left your keys in the refrigerator- again? It’s time to work on boosting that memory! Here are 5 simple ways to train your brain!

1. Get organized

If your house is a mess, it’s no wonder why you can’t remember where you put your favorite shoes or the kid’s field trip permission slip! Make a system that works for you to deal with clutter, and get either an online or physical calendar- and use it!

2. Play Games

It may sound silly, but when it comes to your brain, if you don’t use it, you lose it! Play challenging brain games that make you think, such as crossword puzzles or Sudoku.

3. Read

There’s a reason we always encourage kids to read- it makes you smarter! Pick a more challenging section of the paper than you usually would, or venture out and download something besides the newest Danielle Steel to you Kindle.

4. Hang out with Friends

It can be hard to learn and grow when you’re sitting alone! Join a club, church, or just meet with a friend for coffee and a chat.

5. Go to Bed

Just like your body, your brain needs rest. Sleep allows your brain to store memories, so to try and get 8 hours every night.

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