5 Cool Places to Study

Sick of staring at the same four walls? Try a change of scenery! Check out these cool places to study:

The gym

Tucked somewhere between the treadmills and yoga class, many gyms often have quiet- and underused!- community or conference rooms. Added bonus: you can take a workout break when you start to feel antsy.

The zoo

Many zoos have quiet, park-like areas with benches and picnic tables that are perfect for a day of outdoor studying Added bonus: You can see the monkeys on your downtime.

A bookstore

They’re quiet like the library, and often have awesome cafes attached. Added bonus: You can shop during your breaks.

The grocery store

Many large chain grocery stores have coffee shops, and- you guessed it- underutilized table space just perfect for tackling tomorrow’s homework.

Added bonus: Pick up dinner on your way out the door.

The library

Yes, in the age of Amazon they still exist- and they’re awesome! And did we mention they’re quiet, free, and located in almost every town in the U.S.?

Added bonus: Trained professionals are on hand to help you get your homework questions answered.

Unexpected places to study

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