Question 30 - Workplace Documents Practice Test for the WorkKeys

According to the text, what will happen if you are unable to complete an incident/injury report within 24 hours of the event?

Steps to Reporting an On the Job Incident or Injury

Workplace incidents resulting in injuries are all too common. State and local regulations require on-the-job incidents and injuries to be reported as soon as the danger has passed and the employee is safe but within 24 hours of the event. OSHA requires notification of fatalities within 8 hours of the event and hospitalization, amputation, or eye loss within 24 hours. Employees should seek immediate medical attention if injury is suspected.

Employees are required to complete an incident or injury form to report any work-related injury, illness, or “near miss” incident, no matter how minor. Incident and injury reports help companies improve their safety protocols and keep workers safe. If an employee is involved in a workplace incident, they must complete the report within 24 hours of the event. In the event that an employee cannot complete the report within that time frame, the employee’s immediate supervisor must complete the report with assistance from any witnesses to the incident or injury. Copies of the report will be forwarded to the appropriate agencies and be kept on file in the company office for a period of five years.

To complete an incident/injury report:

  • Note the location, date, and time of incident.
  • Note any extenuating circumstances that may have led to or contributed to the event (e.g., weather conditions, visibility, signage, etc.).
  • Describe the incident, the sequence of actions leading up to the event, and what occurred immediately afterward, including as much detail as you can.
  • Explain what treatment was sought after the injury and describe the treatment plan required as a result of any injury sustained during the incident. (Attach the treatment plan prescribed by a licensed physician as required.)
  • List any witnesses to the incident or injury.
  • Include any photographs or physical evidence of the scene or conditions as they appeared at the time of the incident.

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