Question 22 - ELAR: Writing Practice Test for the TSIA2

What is the purpose of the rhetorical questions in paragraph 3 of the attached passage?

(1) Technology has changed our lives, many would argue for the better. (2) Just think of the technological advances of the last 50 years and the impact that growth has had on life as we know it. (3) Among the most influential technological advances of the last 50 years: video games, cell phones, the personal computer, GPS satellites—the list is very long. (4) But there are pros and cons to our love of, and reliance on, technology.

(5) In business, society, and personal life, technological gains have been made that arguably help the world run more smoothly. (6) Computer systems allow businesses to conduct work instantaneously and connect with customers worldwide. (7) Microwaves heat our food in a fraction of the time cooking on the stove or in the oven might take. (8) Cell phones are ubiquitous these days, everyone seems to have one, and they allow us to access our social media, take pictures, pay for items at a store, oh, and even make a phone call now and then.

(9) But with the benefits of technology come some disadvantages. (10) Electronic technology like computers and cell phones change at such a rapid pace that what was cutting edge one day quickly becomes outdated, slow, and obsolete the next. (11) This can cause users great expense as they try to keep ahead of the advancements and make sure they always have the latest and greatest. (12) Our reliance on technology may be affecting how well we function as humans. (13) Do you know your best friend’s phone number? (14) Likely, it’s a contact in your cell phone so you never have to dial it yourself. (15) But what if your phone is dead or damaged or lost and you need to call your friend for help – how will you get ahold of them? (16) Shopping has become as easy as clicking a button, which makes it harder to budget and really be thoughtful about purchases.

(17) Overall, technology and innovation are wonderful things that make life easier and works to bring the global world closer together. (18) There are some drawbacks as well, and we should be mindful of those as we determine how much and what kind of technology to have in our lives.

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