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Flashcards - Mathematics

Are you going to post mathematic flashcards? Also, is the TSIA2 content the same as the TSI content? If they are almost the same (minus the math flashcards), I don't want to purchase again.

User-generated avatar Susan

Added on March 31, 2021 15:38


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Hi Susan,
We are in the process of having questions written for the new TSIA2 test. Yes, the content is basically the same, but we will have a total of 80 TSIA2 math questions instead of our current 20 for the TSI. This is because our math prep is now divided into 4 sections for increased coverage of concepts. There will also be 15 flashcards for each of the 4 math sections in the new TSIA2 test. We will reuse appropriate flashcards and questions from the TSI, but there will be many more of each, with 15 flashcards per section, for a total of 60 instead of the 15 for the TSI.
We are so sorry that this TSIA2 prep has been delayed, but our info from the test publisher was delayed because of COVID protocols that delayed planning meetings and info release meetings. So far, one section of math practice questions has been published and all 4 of the math study guides. We suggest you use those as well as the old TSI materials in math to study until the remaining practice materials are out. We're working feverishly to get them complete!

User-generated avatarDora Potts

Responded on April 01, 2021 20:26