Free Flashcards for the TOEFL®

Sometimes, just a little practice on terms and facts can make all the difference in how well-prepared you are for a test. We encourage you to use these FREE flashcards for the TOEFL® test to round out your studies before test day.


When listening to spoken English, certain things can be especially confusing. Two of these concepts are phrasal verbs and idioms. These probably do not have the same meaning as their individual words do when they are used alone. While you will not actually practice listening with these flashcards, you can use them to help you understand the meaning of some common phrasal verbs and idioms before you take the TOEFL Listening test. This will help eliminate some potential confusion when answering the questions when you do listen.


The English language can be confusing to read and understand, especially when there are a number of similar words that mean very different things. The TOEFL Reading test will not require you to be familiar with technical terms, but you will need to know the meaning of college entry level words that are used in several different areas of study. Practice some of these using these flashcards!

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