Question 55 - Reading Practice Test for the TEAS

The author of the first passage (attached) would most likely agree with which of these stereotypical statements?

Passage 1

“It is obvious that the legal driving age in the United States needs to be adjusted. Although the driving age has been sixteen for many years, studies show that kids of such a young age are not yet capable of understanding the deep responsibility that comes with operating a motor vehicle. Sixteen-year-olds, while old enough to see R-rated movies, are still children in many ways. Psychologists agree that people of this age do not have the cognitive awareness to make major life decisions, yet operating a vehicle on the road forces them to do just that. If the driving age were to be raised to eighteen, there would be far fewer accidents and casualties on the American roadways. People must understand that sixteen-year-old drivers are a danger to themselves and others when allowed to drive unsupervised.”

Passage 2

“The legal driving age in the United States has remained the same for many years for one primary reason: it is fair and reasonable. While young, sixteen-year-olds are certainly old enough to undertake the responsibility of driving alone. Because these teenagers are made to practice for a year with a learner’s permit and then to pass a test proving their skills, there is no reason to suggest that they cannot handle a motor vehicle effectively. Those that assume that sixteen is too young to drive often forget to consider the large number of responsibilities teenagers already handle on a day-to-day basis in today’s world. Things like homework, after-school activities, family responsibilities, and social events all must be carefully maintained in order to make life work. If a sixteen-year-old can handle these daily responsibilities, they can certainly handle driving a car. The legal driving age is fair and should not be negotiated, now or ever.”

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