Question 53 - English and Language Usage Practice Test for the TEAS

The following sentences need to be put in order to make a coherent paragraph. In what order should the numbered sentences go to make the best paragraph?

(1) Then, information or evidence is provided to support or explain the topic sentence.
(2) Body paragraphs generally begin with a topic sentence that identifies what the paragraph will be about.
(3) Writing a good body paragraph can be a challenging task, but if you know what parts to include, it makes it easier.
(4) The body paragraph ends with a sense of summary and conclusion, but a transition to the next idea may also be included to help the reader know what to expect next.
(5) It is not enough to just include pieces of evidence without context, however, which is why body paragraphs must also include an explanation about what the information or evidence shows and why it’s being included.

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