Source to study for the TEAS

Does anyone know if this cite is a good source to study for the TEAS. I would like to avoid purchasing a book, or paying for courses.

asked - October 16, 2017 13:35

51658ee381c973a7f106cde13cc0f767 Dee

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This is a good cite, but it does not contain all the information you need to know for the Teas Exam. Make sure you study the topics provided to you in the study guide section, especially for the science portion.

answered - December 30, 2017 17:53

99c01a8aedcb9665a489c45ceda0ae8f Arlette Uwarugira


you could also go to the teas website know this is like almost a ear later but maybe someone else would see it and know they know :)

answered - April 04, 2018 14:03

86ef482c10f4ca8c04f48d059d51ec2f Mallory Friedel