Math for TEAS exam

Does anyone know if they allow calculators? If so, what type of calculator? Thanks.

asked - July 08, 2017 21:38

50c319d58323b27e8a82940b7e8d000b Savannah Moua

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yes, there is a digital calculator on your computer to use. it is a basic four function calculator.

answered - July 21, 2017 15:19

Db564e000a7f7327fd1bcb8193f5338e christine

Is the calculator present for every question or does it only appear for certain questions? Thanks.

answered - August 03, 2017 20:25

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i had it in my school, we were given a manual calculator

answered - August 13, 2017 03:15

Fc32f9022d4f137b71d346e76c745710 Adedotun Pelumi

Every time I have taken the test no calculators are allowed only scratch paper allowed.

answered - October 05, 2017 03:52

E8ac14d3575579a061bb93d54e21125e Kashira Purdie

now is avlaible - rosa November 30, 2017 06:03

I took the TEAS 6 on the computer at my school May 2017 and the four function calculator is there the whole time in the math part.

answered - November 07, 2017 23:19

69854ff44e21343d727914634db73ce5 Mary Swymer