Length of passages on the ATI TEAS

Does anyone know how long the passages are on the actual ATI TEAS exam reading section?

asked - December 30, 2017 18:11

99c01a8aedcb9665a489c45ceda0ae8f Arlette Uwarugira

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  • By Arlette Uwarugira

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I took the exam last week and the passages vary. From what I can remember, there were a few that had 5 paragraphs. A good way to pace yourself for the reading section is by taking timed practice exams. I had about 15 minutes to review at the end of the exam. I hope this is helpful

answered - January 03, 2018 02:30

Eb6ef0684eeaf32d2c8d29fd56798e7d Keonna