Ways to Survive Nursing School Clinicals

Get as much sleep as you can. Easier said than done, but when you’re in nursing school, staying up late to watch The Bachelor should take a backseat to providing safe care.

Come prepared. Make sure you have your care plans done, drug reference book handy, stethoscope at the ready, and any other tools you need for the day at your disposal. Nothing says “Hey teacher, keep your eyes on me!” like a frazzled student.

Ask questions. If you’re unsure of something, ask a teacher, ask a practicing nurse, ask the doctor- whoever is the most relevant and available. You’re still learning, so soak in all of the knowledge you can! You’d be surprised how many people (especially fellow professionals) love to teach.

Listen. Your teacher isn’t talking just to torture you- she’s giving you information you need to know, both for your upcoming test and your future nursing practice. Pay attention and take notes to reference later.

Answer what you know. You know your teacher is randomly going to call on you if you’re always silent, so if you know the answer, raise your hand!

Don’t take a break- Ok, give yourself a 5 minute breather if you need it, but if you have some downtime, GO LEARN! See if you can help another nurse with a procedure you haven’t seen, or ask your instructor if there is anything going on that you could benefit from being involved in.

Be confident- but not TOO confidant. No one wants to see a shaking nurse coming at them with a needle, so be confident in the skills you’ve learned! If you are really unsure of a skill or just want a second set of eyes for confirmation, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Better safe than sorry!

Ways To Survive Nursing School Clinicals

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