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Common Medical Conversions

Need to record or visualize something- but your brain doesn’t think in the metric they’re asking for? Never fear, our handy conversion chart is here! Liquids 15 drops (gtt)= 1 ml 1 oz= 30 ml 1 ml= 1 cc 1 tsp= 5 ml 1 tbs= 15 ml 1 cup= 8 oz= 240 ml 1 quart= 2 pints 1 L= 1000 ml Temperatur...
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Hello Nursing School, Goodbye Social Life

Passing the TEAS exam opens a whole new window of educational opportunity: goodbye gen-ed prerequisites, hello nursing school! And while your admittance to nursing school is something to celebrate (how many of your friends had to pass a test just so they could take more tests?), it’s not without ...
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Funny Nursing quotes we love!

There are a lot of great nursing quotes out there, but here are a few of our favorites! Be nice to your nurse, they’re the person who chooses your catheter size Would you like to talk to your Doctor or the nurse who actually knows what’s going on? Save one life, you’r...
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Have a Heart That Never Hardens....

Even if you’re a pretty healthy person, at some point you’ve likely been on the receiving end of a doctor or nurse’s care. As a patient, you probably never gave much thought as to what your caregiver was going through that day- you expect the person taking care of you to be friendly, efficient, a...
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The 5 Stages of Grief: Nursing Student's Edition!

Having trouble remembering the Kübler-Ross model for the five stages of grief? Look no further than your own experiences in nursing school! Stage 1: Denial There is NO WAY my teacher to expects me to write care plans for all 6 of my patients by tomorrow. Stage 2: Anger WHAT KIND OF HORRIBLE P...
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