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Free Practice Tests for the TASC Test

There’s nothing like practice to hone your skills and put you more at ease when taking the TASC. Check out our FREE Practice Questions for the TASC and find out what skills need practice before you take the test!

Note: Each section of the TASC contains a few questions that are not in multiple-choice format. At this time, we cover all of the skills purported to be included in the actual test, but all of our practice questions are in multiple-choice format.


The TASC Mathematics test contains two sections. In the first section, you will be allowed to use a calculator, but not in the second session. You will be provided with a page of math formulas to assist you during the test.

The TASC Mathematics section contains 37 multiple-choice questions as well as 12 “gridded response” items and two technology-enhanced items. For the “grid in” questions, you won’t have answer choices and you will need to enter your answer in number boxes by choosing each digit from a list of the numbers 1–9.

Topics covered in the items include Numeration, Algebra, Functions, Geometry, and Statistics/Probability.

The Math section is divided into two parts, with a 15-minute break between their administration.

Reading Literacy

The TASC Reading test requires you to read and understand various genres of literature. They will include literary as well as informational text. Be prepared to understand and analyze literature (novels, poetry, and drama) as well as texts from content areas (science, social studies, and technical).

In addition to comprehending what is written, you need to be able to use that text in the following ways:

  • separating details from the text and telling how and why they are there
  • taking parts of the text and putting them into another context or situation
  • combining ideas from the text and forming new conclusions (inference, etc.)

A total of 42 of the questions in this section of the TASC are in multiple-choice format. There are two “technology-enhanced” questions, as well .


In the Science section of the TASC, you will find 42 multiple-choice questions and two technology-enhanced questions. Questions in this section cover the areas of the Physical, Life, and Earth/Space sciences. You need to be able to understand passages about various topics in these science domains and be able to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate what you read.

Social Studies

The TASC Social Studies section tests the understanding of texts and graphic materials as well as the ability to analyze, apply, and evaluate them. Reading material is taken from these areas: U.S. History, World History, Geography, Civics/Government, and Economics. There are 42 multiple-choice questions and two technology-enhanced items.


The TASC Writing test is actually a two-part endeavor. First, you will complete about 44 questions. These questions are mostly multiple choice, but also include two “technology-enhanced” items. The final 45 minutes of the 110-minute time allotment will be used to write an essay.

Subjects covered in the questions will include:

  • grammar and usage
  • capitalization, punctuation, and spelling
  • knowledge of language

In order to show your skill in these areas, you will be required to edit previously written material that contains errors. The text you edit may come from the workplace or be concerned with academic, business, or other informational subjects.

The essay portion of the writing test asks you to plan, write, and revise an essay on a given topic. The test graders will be looking for these skills:

  • clear expression of ideas
  • organization of writing
  • development of ideas in text
  • choice of words
  • mechanics (punctuation, spelling, grammar, sentence structure)

Now that you’ve worked through our Free Practice Questions for the TASC, let us know how you’re doing. We’d love to hear suggestions for improvement as well as stories about your progress. Reach us through Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, or Twitter. Or drop us an email at